TOP 12 Picks

  • Titanic
  • Red Bull
  • In & Out Salmon
  • Volcano
  • Manhatten
  • Hot Cracker
  • Eugene Roll
  • Crazy Roll
  • Lobster
  • In & Out Tuna
  • Mexico City
  • Dynamite

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For Lunch & Dinner


Titanic (8pc)
Shrimp Tempura, tuna, salmon, crab, avocado, asparagus and spicy aioli, ponzu sauce.

Red Bull (8pc)
Shrimp tempura, unagi, avocado and Garnish; smelt roe, special sauce.

In & Out Salmon (8pc)
Spicy salmon, crab meat, avocado topped w/salmon, avocado and tobiko.

Volcano (8pc)
Baked spicy tuna on california roll w/ garnished masago, green onion, hot sauce, unagi sauce.

Manhattan (8pc)
Salmon baked on California w/special sauce and Garnish scallion, masago.

Hot cracker (8pc)
Spicy tuna, cucumber, kani, avocado inside, baked-creamy scallop, bacon topped & hot, special sauce.



Eugene Roll (8pc)
Deep fried california w/ cream cheese & baked salmon & special sauce.

Crazy Roll (8pc)
Unagi, crab meat, asparagus, avocado w/coconut & special sauce.

Lobster (8pc)
Spicy tuna, cucumber, crabmeat, avocado,
baked lobster& stuffed lobster top.

In & out Tuna (8pc)
Spicy tuna, crab meat, avocado topped w/ tuna, avocado and tobiko.

Mexico City (8pc)
Spicy crab meat, cucumber & topped w/avocado, spicy sauce.

Dynamite Roll (6pc)
Deep fried spicy tuna & mixed dynamite sauce, topped w/ masago, miso aioli and unagi sauce.