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    "I have also enjoyed their Heart Attack roll which has jalapenos and cream cheese and the caterpillar with tasty eel and yummy delicate flavor."
    — Rae D., Springfield, OR

    “If you want the best sushi, you'll find it at Sushi Domo!”
    — Galand Haas, Eugene
    “I was craving sushi in the worst way! The places I've seen here in Eugene, Oregon were all closed until 5p except for this one. Well, I can comfortably say that this sushi was really very good.”
    — Paula P., Las Vegas, NV

    “I'm actually from Seattle but everytime I come to town, I know where to come for sushi!”
    — Customer, Seattle




    At Sushi Domo, Diners Won't
    Get A Raw Deal

    Crazy Roll, Sushi Domo 1020 Green Acres Road. Sushi Domo has an abundance of maki sushi (sushi rolls) on its menu. I love the deep-fried rolls, especially the unusual Crazy Roll.

    “Sauce that will make every taste bud swim
    across rivers of piquant delight”

    Filled with eel, asparagus, avocado and stupendous spiced coconut sauce that will make every taste bud swim across rivers of piquant delight. The best part is the hot and cold crunch, all toasty with its crazy vertical cut.

    The next time I enter Sushi Domo and hear the sushi chef utter the phrase "Irrasshaimase" (welcome to the pleasures of sushi), I will be putty in his hands.

    — Noni Fish for the Register Guard


    Best of Eugene
    2016 runner up